Marilyn Allen

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House of sand and stars

16" x 20"

oil on paper on board


Artist's Statement

The place where I live in a very rural area of Southern Vermont is a wild and unruly environment that informed my desire to begin painting twenty years ago. It continues to serve as a driving force behind the development of my work.

My recent paintings are animated from below with the sense of energy that is locked into the earth and rock and released upward into trees, mountains and vertical structures. These forms in space inhabit the imagination where they are tested, strengthened  or set aside. Like creatures in a dark barn they wait and fly out when I am ready to see them in a different light.

Although oil paints are my primary medium, the surface of individual pieces varies in texture that is dependent upon whether I use brushes, palette knives, or pieces of cloth. Drawing remains a great joy and plays an important role in how I approach painting. I do not use sketches as a first step in composing a painting; instead drawing serves as a way of developing an intimate relationship with an idea or image that is nudging its way into the place where paintings are born.